Eleph Lifestyle  was founded in 2012 by a  group  of  Thai  designers  cooperated  with Anita Young design  team to  create  the  lifestyle  product,  representing  Thai  culture, lifestyle and mindset. Our goals are to create a souvenir that are different from the rest of  the  markets,  which  seems to be traditional  and typical then. We believe that  Thai modern  souvenirs  should be  outspoken  and fun by the story telling patterns and eye popping colors. So we use the elephant as a  MUSE and  transformed it into a foldable bag  with  all  Thai  inspired  print  patterns to match an urban  lifestyle  considering the reused  quality  and  space  saving  functioned.   Eleph  foldable  bag  become  a must have  tourist  souvenir  within  a  year  of  its  launched.

Beside  the  bespoke  appearance,   Eleph  Lifestyle  has  promised  to  use  only  Thai designers, material, and production only in Thailand to holistically create a  sustainable economy for  Thailand  and  be  a  vital  part  to  promote  and  represent  Thailand  as  a desiring tourist destination.  Elephant  has  always  been  Eleph  Lifestyle’s  favourite muse,  we  strongly  believe  that  wild  animals  should  live gracefully  with dignity and should not be captive by pleasure or work.   Every year we select foundation to support and this year,  we  are  working  with  Friends  of the Asian Elephant and Asia Elephant Foundation   of   Thailand.    In   helping  the  foundations   to  raise  funds  to  support  their   activities,  we  have  donated  partial of  our  sales to  these  foundations  for  the greatest  benefits  of  our  beloved  animal.  

At Eleph Lifestyle, we are  continuing  to  develop  and  thrive  for  the  better  products where modern,  lively, stylish meet function.  Our ranges have grown from foldable bag to  ready  to  wear,  stationary  and  plush dolls playfully using other Thai mascots  like  Tuk Tuk and water buffalo.  We aim to create a brand that makes Thai people proud of Thai own brand. 100% Thai design, 100% Thai product and 100% made in Thailand.